Month: July 2013

rhw – Employment Law Update 2013

1. Pre-termination negotiations. When is an off the record chat not off the record? The answer used to be pretty much anytime an employer is speaking to an employee.  However, this changed on 29 July 2013 when it became possible to have “Confidential Pre-Termination Negotiations”. In other words, provided employers go about things in the right way, […]

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YMCA Golf Day Update

rhw’s three teams had a fantastic day at the YMCA Golf Day held on the 17th June at Guildford Golf Club. The weather was fine and thankfully just before the heatwave, so no one was burnt to a crisp on the way round the course. The day raised £4,250 for the Life Change Fund. For those wishing to take […]

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Confidential Pre-Termination Negotiations

At the moment, before having any “without prejudice” discussions it is necessary for the employer to first of all create a “dispute”.  This can be done by commencing formal disciplinary or capability proceedings, which can of course immediately sour the employment relationship. All this will change from 29 July 2013.  From that date, and provided […]

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