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Fathers Rights – A Guide from rhw

The rights of fathers to gain access their children are not set out in law in black and white. There is not a charter you can refer to. Within the framework of parental responsibility there are rights identified to allow you to contribute to decision making over your child’s future. If you wish to know […]

Parental Responsibility – Step Parents

Parental responsibility is a legal right held by the parents of a child. It includes the responsibility of providing a home for that child and the duty to protect and maintain the child. Step parents do no automatically obtain parental responsibility of a child. They must obtain a Residence Order from the Court (See types […]

NEW – Fixed Fee Mediation

We recognise that many couple are looking for cost effective options to address relationship problems. rhw now offer a fixed fee mediation service. To find out more details about this excellent service delivered by highly-trained professionals please see our article about Fixed-fee mediation.

Adoption & Second Families

rhw have now added a new specialist service to the Family Department. Julian McEvoy and Catherine Withers are now able to assist in all legal matters relating to Adoption and the Adoption process. For further information see the section on adoption.