Monthly Archives: June 2015

What has Rebecca Minnock taught us?

A case has been in the news recently, which highlights how the pressures of going through Children Act proceedings can make someone lose sight of what they are there for. Rebecca Minnock hit the headlines because she went on the run with her child, after a Judge decided that the child should live with his […]

Relocating Children Abroad

There were two cases last week which addressed whether a child would be placed in the care of family abroad. Both cases highlighted that it is crucial to consider the relationship a child has with their prospective carers, and whether relocation is in their best interests. The first case, Re M, was decided on 11 […]

The Risks of Taking Documents Illegally

When two parties are going through financial proceedings during a divorce, it can be frustrating when one party knows the other is being dishonest. It is not unusual for an ex-partner to deny the value of their assets, or to dissipate money somewhere else in the hopes that they can benefit from it after financial […]

Properly drafted Wills – Why it matters

It’s a subject we return to again and again as experienced solicitors dealing with Wills and Probate but getting a properly trained solicitor to draft your Will is very important. Going for the cheapest option is not always the best option. You want the security and peace of mind that after you have gone, your […]

Parental Responsibility – who has it, what does it mean?

Top 10 Facts about Parental Responsibility With summer holidays on the horizon, here are rhw’s top 10 facts about parental responsibility that you should be aware of:- 1. Parental Responsibility is automatically granted to the mother of a child, and to both parents if they are married when the child is born or marry afterwards. If […]