Monthly Archives: July 2015

UN Report suggests banning smacking

Today, a UN report has been released which says that the UK should make all forms of smacking (referred to as corporal punishment within the report) illegal across the board. Disciplining children through physical punishment has often been a divisive issue. Some think that it does the child no harm, and often it is the […]

Conveyancing – What are the issues?

Your house is normally the largest asset you will own in your lifetime. With that in mind, you would think that a purchaser would want to ensure that they are buying a secure investment.  Sadly, we often we have conversations with perspective clients who are interested in little more that the bottom line of the cost of the conveyancing process. We understand […]

Equality in Marriage but not in Pensions?

A case was issued recently by a man called Mr Walker, who was claiming discrimination because his same sex spouse would not be treated as an opposite sex spouse when benefiting from Mr Walker’s pension. When the Civil Partnership Act 2004 came into force, there were issues around how to treat pensions, as pension benefits […]

The Myth of the Common Law Marriage

At rhw we deal with people at the start of their relationship, as well as at the end. We prepare Pre-Nuptial Agreements for those about to start their married life, and have to manage the divorce process for those at the end. One thing that we have noticed increase over recent years, is that people are […]