Monthly Archives: March 2016

Employment Law and the Budget

7 employment-related measures in the 2016 Spring Budget Although the dust has yet to settle on the Chancellor George Osborne’s 2016 Spring Budget, with the First Secretary of State facing attacks from red frontbenchers and blue backbenchers alike, let’s try to squint through the still-billowing clouds (now mingling with those left by former Work and Pension […]

Joint Bank Accounts & Mental Capacity

You may think you don’t need to make a lasting power of attorney, because your money is held in a joint bank account with your partner. Most people assume that if they were to suffer a stroke or develop dementia, their partner would be able to carry on operating the account and would continue to […]

To Brexit, or not to Brexit…?

That is the question (facing the UK electorate on 23 June 2016). Whether you are currently leaning, with the Prime Minister David Cameron, towards the view that ‘tis Nobler to suffer the Slings and Arrows of the more outrageous terms of our EU membership in order to gain the benefits, or whether, like the Mayor […]