Monthly Archives: June 2016

Directors Liabilities – An Overview

How many times do you worry about liability as a director and whether this can attack you personally? How many different situations might arise legally which might involve personal liability as a director? The answer may disturb or worry but the important thing is to be aware of the risks and to offset those risks […]

Adieu & Farewell to the Annual Return

If you are a Business owner you need to be aware of this update. From the 30th June onwards, the long established Annual Return will be replaced by a ‘Confirmation Statement’. What difference does this make? There is still a requirement for an annual return, as such, but with the ‘Confirmation Statement’ you can file […]

Commercial Dispute Resolution – Paying the Penalty

All successful businesses know that the reason we have contracts is to provide certainty. A contract sets out what A expects from B, and what B expects from A; and so provides the parties with the benefit of a reference point if expectations are not met – by that I mean when one party is […]