Monthly Archives: September 2016

Privacy in the workplace – where do you cross the line?

Will De Fazio-Saunders looks at privacy in the workplace – the fine line between legitimate monitoring and breaching employees’ human rights. This is slightly longer than usual but this is such an important subject we think it’s worth it! The rise in the use of email and internet at work Apologies for stating the obvious […]

Is it all just Banter?

“STILL JUST A BIT OF BANTER?” – HOW FAR HAVE WE REALLY COME SINCE THE DAYS OF DON DRAPER?  MAD MEN, the critically-acclaimed period television drama, portrays life in a fictitious advertising agency in the 1960s. The historically-authentic series contains many features of the Swinging Sixties which make viewers nostalgic for the clothes, cars and […]