Monthly Archives: February 2017

Settlement Agreements – What you need to know!

Settlement Agreements are quite a hot topic at the moment. I have heard them being discussed on several high profile business programmes on TV and Radio. There seems to be some misunderstandings about what they actually are, what they cover and don’t cover and the rights of those who are affected by them. Let rhw’s […]

Free-running/Parkour – Liability Issues

I was interviewed recently by BBC Radio Surrey and BBC South Today TV on legal risks to businesses posed by a freerunning event due to take place on 4 March 2017 in Guildford. This followed a notice issued by Guildford Borough Council and Surrey Police which read: “There is a good possibility that following a […]

Gentlemen’s Agreements – Why take a chance?

This is an area we get asked about all the time!  Is the shake of a hand and a verbal promise binding? We tend to reply with the question: “If you want to do business with a gentleman (or lady), why on earth would you rely on their word?” From the disputes we see, the question […]