Monthly Archives: July 2017

The Taylor Review – An Overview

At the beginning and end of the Taylor review on Modern Working practices1, Matthew Taylor and his team set out a 7 step plan for improving the state of work in Britain; this review and its suggestions for government policy and priority will likely have some effect on government policy going forward. The aim of […]

Just tell them the Truth…

Being honest in life is surprisingly hard work. Being honest in the business realm is even harder work. It’s not that you want to be forced into telling a few white lies or half-untruths, it’s just that other people tend to push you into an uncomfortable corner. Unless you live in a state of glorious isolation […]

The Cloud of Unknowing

We live in ‘interesting times’ as the Chinese proverb goes. That same proverb considers ‘uninteresting times’ as the desired state to be living in and they have a point. Gross uncertainty is not the friend of home or business life and it’s certainly not the friend of calm nerves. It is currently very difficult to […]