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“When are we going to tell the girls?” – Divorce seen from Seventeen

Just before my 17th birthday my parents separated.  I remember the night well.  I was sat in the dining room struggling my way through my sociology A-Level homework. I left the room to go for a break and as I passed the sitting room, where my parents were, I overheard my Mum say, “When are […]

Doctor Foster – Fact or Fiction?

Doctor Foster is addictive TV viewing.  The first series focused on the discovery and effects caused by the betrayal of adultery and the second series on the aftermath of a bitter divorce.  So to test your knowledge of family law, as portrayed in the series, which of the following statements are fact or fiction? Series […]

The Divorce Fantasy

When on holiday recently I read a book by Sophie Kinsella called ‘The Wedding Night’.  Yes, I know that some of you literary snobs will disapprove of my choice of books but before you judge me read on. The book focuses on two sisters; one who is going through a bitter divorce and the other […]

The Doctor who made the Difference

    A couple of weeks ago I was struck down by what I initially thought was a bad case of flu. What it actually turned out to be was cellulitis in my left leg which eventually landed me a bed in my local Hospital. I will say at the start of this article the […]