Monthly Archives: May 2018

No Fault Divorce – Is it time for change?

      The current divorce law dates back to 1973 and allows parties to get divorced on the ground that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and provided that they can prove one of the following facts: Adultery – one party being unfaithful with a member of the opposite sex in […]

Family-Based Arrangements – a better option for you & your family?

Family-based arrangements are where child maintenance is agreed between the parties directly, as opposed to applying to the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) to agree payment arrangements. Recent research carried out by The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) shows that family-based arrangements are now more popular amongst the parties involved and more successful in terms […]

You Do Not Need to Suffer in Silence – Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is the smoke and mirrors locked behind closed doors.  It is not always clearly apparent and often the victim will not even know they are a victim due to the manipulative nature of it.  It does not have a stereotype abuser, nor victim.  It comes in many forms and is not just physical […]