Monthly Archives: July 2018

Forfeiture in Property – A Users Guide

At some point landlords might have the misfortune of their tenant falling into rent arrears and this often leaves landlords unsure of their rights, while at the same time wanting to ensure that they continue to receive rental income. What can a landlord do about a defaulting tenant? This blog considers one of the rights […]

Digital Accounts of the Deceased – A Change in Approach?

Many of us would have already come across or received notifications from ‘ghost’ accounts (where someone has died but their online account is still open) on one social media platform or another. It can be a little disconcerting and sometime distressing to receive a message reminding you of the birthday for someone who is no […]

Disputes. How rhw can help resolve them.

Dispute Resolution, what’s that about then? That’s a question we get asked a lot. It is certainly one of the less easily defined parts of legal work rhw get involved with. We can usually provide a typical example of the sort of ‘matter’ we would expect to handle in, for example, Family Law or Wills […]