Monthly Archives: November 2018

December – A Window of Opportunity

Is December a bad month for getting things done? In recent years there has been a slow but definite trend, within the legal sector, from the month being regarded as a bit of a write off, to being something more interesting in terms of getting preparations in place for the great return to work in […]

Restrictive Covenants versus Development Rights…

Does the existence of a restrictive covenant in Deeds mean that I can’t develop my land? Well the short answer is ‘it depends!’ The starting point is always to properly consider the exact terms of the restrictive covenant, in addition it is also important to remember that the simple fact that a restrictive covenant exists […]

MEES – What you need to know as a Landlord or Tenant

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES)  What are MEES? They are regulations which relate to energy efficiency ratings of commercial properties. The current ratings range from A-G, A being the most energy efficient and G the least. The regulations state that from 1st April this year any commercial property that has an Energy Performance Certificate […]

The post Owens v Owens Landscape. What does it mean for ‘no fault’ Divorce?

For a case that generated so much interest, both with Family Lawyers and the general public, the end result of the infamous Owens case was a rather disappointing finale.  Just to recap: Mrs Owens petitioned to dissolve her marriage on the basis of Mr Owens’ unreasonable behaviour. Mr Owens defend the allegations and, eventually, the […]