Sometimes you comes across a legal case that touches on a number of different areas that are of interest to the teams at rhw and their clients. In this particular case ( we have the elements of a second marriage, estrangement from children from a previous marriage, the emergence of a previously unknown will and a possible claim under the  ‘Inheritance Act 1975’.

We often find that elements of family law, wills and trusts and disputes can come together, particularly when family structures become more complex. If at all possible, parties should seek to find a compromise and way to an out of court settlement when dealing with disputes focused on probate. Here at rhw we know that protracted rows can lead to long term breakdown of family ties which, as well as being horrible for those involved, can often impact on relationships between generations, such as grandparents and grandchildren. Nobody wants that.

However, if you feel you have taken all the steps you can and have looked to find a way forward in good faith but have reached a point where you can’t see a way forward, take some legal advice. Our team at rhw are always happy to have a chat and outline your options to you.

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