As conveyancing solicitors, we make no secret of the fact that we are not the cheapest on the market for many of the services we provide. We have been trading long enough as a law firm (almost two centuries) to understand what the true cost of delivering a high-quality service is and we don’t pretend it can be delivered for less.

There are any number of ‘sausage shop’ legal providers who will offer what look like bargains to those looking for legal services but they tend to work on the ‘one size fits all’ model and this really isn’t suitable in many cases. In particular, when the asset involved is worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds, you really do want to be sure the person undertaking the legal work on your house sale/purchase knows what they are doing and has some experience.

Here are some more specific reasons why you should really instruct rhw:

  1. It can take time to track down the title deeds to the property. rhw undertake searches all the time so can minimise delays in this area.
  2. Land registry details and the land registry filed plan will need to be checked. We can do this for you and know what to look out for.
  3. Any title discrepancies can be addressed at an early stage. This is very important. Can you afford to risk getting this wrong?
  4. Property Information Forms and Fittings and Contents Forms can be completed in readiness for the sale.
  5. Money laundering and criminal checks need to be carried out in all conveyancing procedures. Solicitors are geared up to be able to do undertake these checks.
  6. Solicitors are used to dealing with other solicitors. The language and processes used are geared to experienced and qualified individuals. Conveyancing is a complex process where paperwork has to be filed correctly and in a chronological manner with the relevant authorities. Funds need to be released at the right time. It’s essential this is done correctly.
  7. We will check that all necessary planning consents and building regulation completion certificates are in place. Get this wrong and it can cost you a lot of money and time
  8. We will advise you if any electrical installation certificates are necessary. We will also consider whether Corgi/Gas Safe Compliance and Declaration of Safety Certificates are required.
  9. FENSA certificates may be necessary for replacement door and window installations at the property.
  10. We can re-affirm our relationship with you and establish a good working partnership with your selling agent at an early stage.
  11. The whole process of moving is immensely stressful. There are a huge number of other things that need to be arranged by you. The survey, the removers, the estate agents themselves! Errors could derail the whole process. You need a solicitor with experience and knowledge.
  12. We don’t anticipate you will need it obviously but conveyancing solicitors will have professional indemnity insurance which covers their clients for any loss incurred in any eventuality.

Dealing with these issues professionally and accurately will help to speed up the legal process of buying or selling your house.

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