With COVID-19 taking centre stage for much of 2020, it is easy to forget the other huge health-based challenges that face people in the UK and internationally. During the summer and into the autumn there have been some very alarming statistics released over the impact and likely impact on cancer rates in the UK, as appointments are moved, people avoid going for routine examinations and symptoms are swept under the proverbial carpet, as other concerns over COVID risks, jobs and finances take priority in people’s minds.

That is a pretty toxic mix brewing which will potentially adversely affect the future survival rates of cancer patients and also the ability of the NHS to manage the influx of critically ill patients once the pandemic has passed. Any and all routes to find ways to treat and fight cancer need to be explored if we, as a country, are going to be able to manage and help prevent the potential tsunami of new cancer cases that are likely to emerge during 2021 and onwards.

For several years, rhw and Vantage Point Magazine  have been working to find ways to support and raise awareness of the ground- breaking research into immunotherapy treatments by Topic of Cancer, that offers huge potential for treating a variety of different cancers in a less invasive and unpleasant manner than existing treatments. Vantage Point have been helping to organise (numerous) fund-raising & awareness events, such as golf days, that have helped bring in much needed funds and editorial pieces in the magazine that raise awareness of the charity.

One of the fund raising routes rhw have looked at is via our Wills and Trusts legal services. To put it simply, if you download the leaflet from the Topic of Cancer website (link below) and instruct us to draw up a Will for you and your family we will contribute 10% of our fee for the will to Topic of Cancer.

Having a high quality Will helps give you peace of mind, knowing that when you pass on your wishes will be fully respected and your family and business will be protected. You can get all of that peace of mind whilst also helping the fight to develop radical and effective new treatments against cancer.

rhw Solicitors in Guildford (logo) You can contact rhw’s Wills & Trusts Team by calling 01483 302000 or emailing guildford@rhw.co.uk 

Please remember to download the leaflet pdf from the Topic of Cancer website and let us know if you wish to support their work. Thank you.