GDPR – The Topic of the Moment

In today’s technological climate, we as consumers may feel more unsafe than ever regarding the security of our personal information; in 2016 UK companies lost over £1 Billion to cybercriminals who had access to social security, addresses, names and other details of those whom the companies held data about. With this in mind, it is […]

August – A Ghastly Month (A personal view)

I hate August. Yes, I know it seems an irrational thing to do, to hate a month but really it is the most loathsome month of the year. If anyone is going to vent their feelings about a month it is usually February but I have no issues with February. It’s short, the days are […]

Will it take longer to collect a debt after Oct 1st?

New Pre-Action Protocol for debt claims On 1st October 2017 a new Pre-Action Protocol (“Protocol”) for debt claims will come into effect. The protocol will apply to all debts where the creditor is a business and seeks to recover a debt from an individual, including a sole trader. It will also apply where a creditor […]

Wills – What does the future hold?

The evolution of Wills A recent law commission consultation paper on wills detailed the potential for wills to become electronic. With the unfathomable developments in technology since the Wills Act 1837, it seems long overdue that this sort of proposal is being made and our outdated system is restructured to meet current digital capabilities. There […]

The blame game – is your spouse’s behaviour unreasonable enough?

There is only one ground for divorce; the irretrievable breakdown of marriage. One of the most commonly used facts to prove that a marriage is beyond repair is unreasonable behaviour, and the petitioner must provide some examples of their spouse’s bad behaviour in the divorce petition. The behaviour must be such that the petitioner cannot […]

Employment Tribunal Fees – A Fee Too Far

The Supreme Course has held Employment Tribunal fees of up to £1,200 are to be scrapped. The Justice Secretary, Dominic Raab said, “the government will take immediate steps to stop charging fees in employment tribunals and put in place arrangements to refund those who have paid” since July 2013. If you have a grievance with […]

The Taylor Review – An Overview

At the beginning and end of the Taylor review on Modern Working practices1, Matthew Taylor and his team set out a 7 step plan for improving the state of work in Britain; this review and its suggestions for government policy and priority will likely have some effect on government policy going forward. The aim of […]

Just tell them the Truth……

Being honest in life is surprisingly hard work. Being honest in the business realm is even harder work. It’s not that you want to be forced into telling a few white lies or half-untruths, it’s just that other people tend to push you into an uncomfortable corner. Unless you live in a state of glorious isolation […]

The Cloud of Unknowing

We live in ‘interesting times’ as the Chinese proverb goes. That same proverb considers ‘uninteresting times’ as the desired state to be living in and they have a point. Gross uncertainty is not the friend of home or business life and it’s certainly not the friend of calm nerves. It is currently very difficult to […]

Are You Committing Adultery? Are You Sure?

The definition of adultery is to have ‘sexual intercourse’, or to be completely clear on this, ‘penetrative sex’ with another person (not your spouse) of the opposite sex whilst you are married to your spouse. It’s surprising how many people believe that because they are separated (not divorced) from their spouse and having an affair […]