Business Advisers

Law Firms have always had a role in providing guidance on specific business matters and strategy for clients. In recent years that role has moved increasingly to the fore for many Firms as they look to bolster their legal services and add value to what they provide.

The areas of business advice rhw can provide are very wide ranging. This is just a snapshot of what we can help you with:

General Corporate Strategy

Obviously as a business in its own right, the partners at rhw know a thing or two about running a successful business and what does and doesn’t work. They have also worked with a myriad of different business types/clients in all sorts of scenarios and so have accumulated great experience across the board.

Value Creators

On many instructions from corporate clients rhw serve as the business partners to the clients existing business functions and strive to be substantial value creators to the businesses we are assisting. If our legal advice is not improving what already exists and adding value to the business then it is not doing what it should do.

Dealing with Regulatory Environments

Lawyers themselves are subject to increasing regulatory demands and have been for years. There are few sectors quite so heavily regulated as the legal sector. This has made Law Firms experts in working and thriving within regulated environments. We are able to offer this expertise to clients who are having to wrestle with an ever increasing number of regulations coming from sector specific, Governmental, non-Governmental, Brexit and non-Brexit sources.

Protecting Assets and Interests

The Protection of Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Intangible Assets is a growing area of concern for many businesses. The growing digital environment creates ever more threats, many of which did not even exist a few years ago, to legitimate businesses from unscrupulous individuals and organisations. The legal profession can help protect your interests and enforce your rights where that is required.

What do our clients and business partners say?

“As an entrepreneur, speed and practicality are extremely important.  rhw’s pragmatic and commercial approach have made them a valuable partner.”

Brian James (Digital Clipboard)

“I have used the services of Nicholas Richardson for 29 years , he has always made a decision at the time and not as almost every other lawyer just gives options , leaving the client to choose…..”

David Sumsion

Need some more advice? Speak to Nick Richardson in our Corporate Department.

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