Commercial Law

rhw have a well regarded corporate legal department in Guildford. Most people start a business to be in business and to manage, not to be bogged down with legal issues associated with commercial law, or ensuring that the company they are building is in compliance with the myriad of legislative requirements that seem to wait around every corner.

In the Brexit-negotiation era of increasing and unpredictable change, business owners need to ensure that they have an advantage over competitors and that their paperwork and procedures are 100% compliant. At rhw we have a track record of successfully working with businesses ranging from local SME’s through to multi-location Corporate entities.

We recognise the similarity between many core problems all business owners face and also the different approaches needed to implement change when faced with varying complexities of business structures. We regard the holistic approach to the provision of legal solutions, in that we look to understand the whole business model before giving advice, as invaluable in achieving successful outcomes.

The links below give access to a range of free guidance on the various core areas associates with Commercial and Corporate Law. The idea is to give a short summary of each area, without bogging the reader down in the legal minutiae, which usually ends up causing a loss of transparency and understanding, rather than enhancing knowledge.

Please have a look at this short video from rhw’s Nick Richardson, who gives an overview of how we can help you and your business:

rhw solicitors have a strong team dedicated to activities related to commercial law. Some of the areas we can help with:

rhw solicitors have the commercial experience and legal expertise you need to provide support and ensure a satisfactory conclusion across all of your business activities. Contact the team today, via email on, call 01483 302000.

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