Personal Insolvency

There a number of reasons why an individual may find the need to consult a solicitor on the subject of personal insolvency – partly due to the pace of modern life and the many financial stresses that an individual may face. You may find that payments have slipped, and creditors are now searching for answers.

How rhw can help

Whilst this can be a rather daunting topic to face alone, our team is on hand to provide support and work with you to devise a plan to move forward and settle any issues. We will seek the best option tailored to you, whether it involves negotiating with creditors, agreeing a formal repayment plan or possibly filing for voluntary bankruptcy.

We are also able to assist on the other side of matters, for those creditors (individuals or businesses) who are seeking repayment of a debt owed to them. We regularly advise clients on attempting to settle matters via negotiations, issuing statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions.

Insolvency Issues? Contact rhw

rhw offer a comprehensive Dispute Resolution package and can assist with insolvency matters.

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