The recent guidance issued to Police forces in England has some important relevance to those who are currently struggling with containment or are in continual close proximity with someone they may be in the middle of divorcing or are just not getting on very well with.

In amongst the guidance about what are valid reasons for being out of the house, it has been made clear that people are allowed go to a friend’s house during the coronavirus lockdown to “cool off” after an argument at home.

Those who have removed themselves from a domestic situation to establish a “cooling-off” period are also allowed to move between households if they need to be out of the their home for several days, according to the advice given to officers.

Obviously, there is some interpretation needed over what constitutes an argument(s) serious enough to warrant such a move and also individuals obviously need to be very aware of entering premises where others are ill or maybe self-isolating.

The positive element of this news is that there is now a route for those who need to escape a situation that would have previously risked them breaking lockdown conditions.

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