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Employers face what can be a difficult balancing act between running the business itself and managing and maintaining a happy workforce.

This section covers some of the key areas where we can provide guidance and advice for employers. This will be relevant for business owners or those thinking of starting a business.

If you have an issue or query relating to your role or responsibilities as an employer, which is not covered here, please let us know and we will be able to assist.

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Everyone has heard the word ‘contracts’ but not so many fully understand where contracts arise and the application of them in both business and personal life. We tend to ignore the ‘small print’ when ordering something online or when signing up with a new energy provider. Most of the time the existence of a contract will go practically unnoticed and that is often evidence of a well-drafted contract.

It is a much different proposition when a car manufacturer is negotiating a contract with several suppliers. In those circumstances the negotiation of the contract is far more complex and involved than simply clicking OK and agreeing to the ‘small print’.

rhw can provide advice and guidance on what you need to include in a contract and on any potential downsides or nasty contract terms in a contract you are being offered. If you are unsure about a contract, even if it is just one term that is causing you concern, it is vital that you seek advice before you enter into it. You don’t want to discover there is a problem or a disadvantageous term when you are locked into a long term deal or arrangement

Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements are increasingly common in the modern world of employment. The aim of a settlement agreement is to enable an employer and employee to bring an employment relationship to an end with confidence and certainty.

The terms included in a settlement agreement can be extensive and will vary depending on the circumstances of the particular case. However, it is common for settlement agreements to contain clauses dealing with the following:

  • The employment end date
  • Claims to be settled
  • Payments being made on termination
  • Post-termination obligations including confidentiality

rhw have the expertise to assist you and to ensure the process is made fully compliant with the law. If you are an employee, rhw Solicitors can advise you on not just the terms of settlement being offered but also on any claims you might have against your employer.

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Redundancy & Dismissal

It is imperative that employers understand their rights and obligations in relation to employee dismissal and redundancy. There are procedures that must be followed to comply with the law in this area. Mistakes could be hugely costly, resulting in a complaint or even a lengthy and expensive tribunal case.

This is an area in which, for obvious reasons, employers will hope to avoid needing to seek legal advice, or at least not too often. Sometimes it is unavoidable. Being a great employer is as much about getting the more negative aspects of the work environment right as well as running a fair and caring workplace.

The dismissal of an employee can be an extremely difficult and stressful experience for both sides. It is very important that emotion is put to one side when dealing with the legal procedure. If you are going through this as an employee you must seek legal advice if you think you are being dealt with unfairly.

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