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If you are a company director, this appointment will be recorded at Companies House. However, just because you are a director may not necessarily mean that you are also an employee of the company. Whether that is the case will depend on the circumstances of the individual case.

Are you an Employee?

For example, if you are paid a salary as a director, this is strong evidence that you are an employee but not necessarily conclusive. Do you have a directors service contract? If not, do you have any other form of employment contract? If not, do you have a self-employed consultancy or similar type of arrangement? Whether or not you are an employee (as a director) will directly affect what rights (if any) you have.

It will also affect what documentation may be required when you leave the company. It may be sufficient merely to resign as a director, then again it may well not, as above it will depend entirely on the circumstances.

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Depending on the terms of any employment contract per director, shareholder approval may also be required. Want to know more? Contact the team on 01483 302000 or email

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