Dental Law

Running a dental practice comes with its own particular set of legal and regulatory challenges that non specialist lawyers may not fully appreciate. Buying or selling a practice, setting up a partnership or expense sharing agreement, dealing with the PCT, and protecting your patient base are all examples of complex legal issues where specialist legal advice is essential.

Our knowledge in dental law is extensive, having been acting for dental clients over many years. We were instrumental in setting up the various procedures required to deal with the sale of an NHS dental practice, now adopted and used by many other specialist dental lawyers.

Please note, and we make no apologies for saying this as we believe in delivering a thorough and properly considered service on all occasions, our fee quotes are likely to be considerably higher than you will receive from some other providers. What we quote in terms of a fee estimate will reflect what we truly believe to be an accurate account of the true costs, in terms of time and fees, to deliver the results that you will require and need.

Others may tell you that they can do the same quality of work for a much lower cost. We couldn’t possibly comment……

Our team of specialist dental lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and will advise and guide you through the possible pitfalls of dental practice ownership.


What our clients say: “Your visit to the practice was invaluable and worth every penny”  You can contact the Dental Law Team via e-mail: or by calling 01483 302000.

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