True dental associates are not considered employees under law. They are self-employed and are therefore not impacted by the requirements of TUPE, for example.

Careful consideration should be given to the terms of engagement covering ownership of the patient base and practice liability for failed work. There may also be occasions where an associate petitions to become a partner and the terms of engagement need to be considered when drafting a new partnership agreement.

rhw solicitors are experts in the field of dental law with a vast knowledge base and many years of experience to draw upon. We have considerable experience of advising when disputes arise between associates and practice owners.

Our team of specialist dental lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience (Nick Richardson, James Stenning and Giles Gillingham) and will advise and guide you through the possible pitfalls of dental practice ownership. What our clients say: “Your visit to the practice was invaluable and worth every penny”  You can contact the Dental Team via e-mail: or by calling 01483 302000.

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