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Settle legal disputes in the construction sector

Disputes in the construction sector are not unusual. Often there can be differences in the perception of what has been agreed between client and builder/contractor and what gets delivered. Terminology differs, technical meanings can be lost and the perfect conditions for a misunderstanding and subsequent dispute are formed.

How disputes occur

Sometimes the disputes come not from a misunderstanding but a direct disagreement. These can include claims of poor-quality workmanship, overcharging, a project overrunning on the agreed timescale or on the perceived parameters of the work.

It is worth keeping in mind that paying for building services creates a contract, even if you have nothing in writing. rhw would, of course, recommend you do get everything agreed in writing before the work starts. We can help ensure the contract is fair and that there are no hidden surprises.

At rhw we are aware that making extensive changes to your home or business or investing in the construction of other property is a big commitment both in terms of time and money. It is also highly disruptive to your day to day life and quality of home like as well. If you decide to have work undertaken on your home or workplace, then that work inevitably becomes intrusive and also very visible to you and your family, as well as those who may be visiting the premises. The relationship between occupiers and builders is very different to usual business relationships because there can be substantial and extended contact on site as well as the physical exposure to dust and noise.

rhw are always focused on providing pragmatic legal advice. If we can find a swift and reasonable settlement route that saves our clients’ money then we will always consider it. However, if proceedings are necessary, our team will ensure your interests are always represented and protected.

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