Consumer Disputes

Consumer (Private) Disputes

It is a fact of life that there will be occasions where disputes arise. Disagreements with a neighbour can cause problems or if you are renting a property you may find yourself in dispute with the landlord. Other disputes can emerge from a transaction which has not delivered the goods or the service you expected. If you find yourself in a dispute that seems to stand little chance of resolving itself, rhw can help to bring the matter to a conclusion.

Why Resolving Disputes is Important

Disputes can distract you from your daily life and stop you being as productive or focused as you should be. They can cause problems with your family life and stop you enjoying day to day activities as you once did. It is easy for a small issue to accelerate rapidly into a larger issue and then become booged down in a standoff where neither side are prepared to give way on even the most minor of issues. Disputes with family members are particularly prone to become unpleasant and difficult well beyond the matter over which the dispute originally started. If left unchallenged this type of dispute can go on for years and leave extended families split.

Whatever the scenario (debts, property, land, corporate, employment, probate etc) there are legal mechanisms in place to bring these disputes to satisfactory conclusion and rhw solicitors have the knowledge and experience to deal with dispute resolution matters quickly, confidentially and effectively.

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rhw will assess your matter swiftly and will give you an honest appraisal as to whether it is something we can help with. This allows us to understand your concerns from the outset and give you a rapid initial response.

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Lyssa Reeve

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