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Protect your intellectual property

At the heart of every good business are creative ideas and a strong brand.

Most businesses spend many years executing their creative ideas and building their brand, gaining well-earned goodwill from the market along the way.

The issues concerning intellectual property rights are of increasing interest to anyone who owns a business or has a vested interest in a name, publication or product.

By protecting and exploiting your intellectual property rights you can help ensure the value of your business is protected in the long term.

Areas of IP rhw can help with:

At rhw our lawyers can assist you in adding value to your business by helping you with:-

  • Copyright disputes
    We work with clients to ensure the value of their copyright portfolio, with experience in appraisal, advice and commercialising copyright.rhw IP solicitors can act for indivudals and agencies, helping to pursue parties who infringe copyright, protecting your IP rights.We can help clients defend copyright infringement claims made against them.
  • Trade Mark registrations and maintaining your Trade Mark portfolio
    Our IP Team can assist you with general Trade Mark filing strategy, applying for Trade Marks and helping you maintain them and enforce your rights once they have been registered.
  • Passing-off disputes
    We have experience in advising a range of clients as to potential passing off actions. We have acted for both clients looking to bring a passing off claim and in defending passing off claims.
  • Protection of confidential information
    We advise on the terms of Confidentiality Agreements (or non-disclosure agreements, “NDAs”) and appropriate restrictive covenants.We are adept at auditing confidential information and trade secrets and how they are stored (physically an electronically).We can also assist you to implement measures to limit the number of parties within your business from accessing confidential information, helping create an action plan in the event the information is misappropriated.
  • Licensing and selling your intellectual property rights

When advising our clients, we take great effort to understand their wider business and their future plans. This allows us to provide strategic legal advice tailored to both their short-term and long-term commercial objectives.

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