Individual people have very different attitudes as to how they approach a divorce.  Some clients want to know about every single aspect of the legal process, others just want their solicitor to get on with it, whilst a few are surprisingly relaxed about the whole thing. Adjusting to the way our clients want us to communicate with them is a vital part of what makes rhw different to many other law firms.

However, going through a divorce is extremely stressful for many people, even with excellent legal support. Your solicitor should only be part of the wider network there to support you through this difficult time. These are a few other stress-busting tactics:

  1. Family

 It will be very important to talk to your family during a divorce.  They know you well and will understand your needs and are therefore in a good position to help you as and when you need it.  Educating your family as to the stages of a divorce and providing regular updates will enable you to be supported through the process and voice your concerns and ask for advice when you need it the most.  Most lawyers are willing to speak with family members if authorised by the client to do so.

  1. Friends

Friends are, not surprisingly, a vital source of support.  They can be there to help you when you are upset or when you just need to have a chat about what is happening.  If your friends know what you are going through, they can be there to help you through it so tell them what is going on. If they don’t know they can’t help.

  1. Colleagues

Colleagues, when you think about it, are the people that we often see the most of on a day to day basis. Colleagues can be a very beneficial source of impartial advice and support and are, as such, well placed to encourage you to make wise decisions.  If you are struggling to come to terms with your separation it is important that your employer is aware of your situation to ensure you have the support you need at work.

  1. Your GP

You should advise your GP of your change of circumstance.  GPs should be a source of support and will have the professional connections to direct you to the right people and organisations should you need additional help and guidance.

  1. Relate counselling

Relate offers counselling for both couples and individuals.  They can assist with specific problems in a relationship and are there just to support you if that is what you need.  Sometimes an impartial and trained counsellor may be the best person to turn to as they can assist you through your emotional struggle.

  1. Exercise and Hobbies

Yes, it’s a bit basic but exercise can be a great release of stress so engaging in some daily exercise will help.  It is also worth considering enrolling on a course or taking up a new hobby as a distraction from thinking about your domestic situation.

  1. Your Solicitor

Yes, your solicitor does have a support role alongside giving basic legal guidance. They will be very familiar with the divorce process and will be used to supporting clients through this difficult time.  They will expect to be a source of support during this stressful period and are obviously equipped to provide you with the advice that you need!

Saying that, please remember that your legal representative can only do so much and are a very expensive sounding board for the daily emotions that result from a separation.  By ensuring that you have the right support outside of the legal process will not only keep your legal bills to a minimum but will also equip you in moving on from your separation.

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