There are a number of boutique/niche law firms (as well as some very large law firms), who position themselves as the champions of the very wealthy when it comes to dealing with family law and divorce matters. rhw often find ourselves representing clients who have former partners that have instructed one of those types of law firms. It doesn’t cause our family law team any undue concern.

Recently we have been representing a wealthy client, in a divorce matter, that includes very substantial assets spread across an international arena. At the middle hearing on financial proceedings, the Judge found in favour of our client on practically every contested point. The client’s former partner had instructed one of the niche law firms we mentioned in the first paragraph. The Judge was also critical of the substantial fees charged by the niche firm.

The crux of the matters is that, in terms of fees, our client had paid approximately two thirds less than their former partner but had received quality expert legal advice that delivered the results required.

rhw have a very well-regarded Family Law Team. You don’t have to go to a very expensive London law firm to get the results you desire. Instruct rhw and get the quality service and advice you expect at a reasonable price.

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