Forthcoming events

‘Ride Out’ to raise funds for ‘Challengers ‘ – Sunday 14th May 2017

rhw’s Nick Richardson is organising a ‘ride out’ for the motorbike lovers amongst you, on Sunday 14 May.  He says the following about the event:

I suggest that the riders in this group assemble at Newlands Corner at 9am (not yet cast in tablets of stone but need to get an early-ish start) and we would leave at 9:45 for a quick ride to Rykas at the foot of Boxhill.

We will then stop for a coffee and then travel to Loomis near Alton for early lunch/refreshments.

After that, the tour becomes more ‘optional’ and the options would consist of a further trip/excursion to Brighton and return loop to the Guildford area or, depending on timing, riders may just choose to make their own way home from Loomis.

If you or any riders you know would like to join the ride and/or consider making contributions it would be great! The link to the Just Giving page is set out below.

This is an event with two aims: –

  1. To raise money for Challengers – see below;
  2. To have fun.

Even if you or any of your colleagues can’t join in, if we can help to boost Challengers’ coffers a little bit, then it will be well worthwhile. We at rhw have been providing pro bono legal support to Challengers for over five years and hope to be associated with them in a similar way for many years to come.

Challengers theme colour is orange and so any orange colour should be worn on the day to reflect this (pun not intended). If you haven’t got anything orange, don’t worry, come as you are!

Want to know more? email Nick on  or call 01483 302000