• rhw offer guidance and representation at every stage of the adoption process to prospective adopters, children, birth parents and other relatives
  • rhw provide a specialist and sensitive service to clients

Domestic Adoption


  • Those who are considering adopting a child in theUKwill need to be assessed/approved as potential adopters by a local authority or an approved adoption agency
  • The assessment process can take a considerable length of time to complete; it is important to be realistic about the process and timescale involved

The Adoption Process

Our team can guide you through the entire process, to include:

  • Getting the ball rolling with adoption proceedings
  • Dealing with concerns about an assessment
  • The Regulations
  • Obtaining adoption orders
  • Post-adoption steps

Post Adoption

Our team is also able to provide advice and support to families in respect of all issues/problems that may arise after an adoption order has been made, such as:

  • Searching and re-establishing contact with an adopted child, birth parent or other birth family members
  • Advice/representation on post adoption contact matters
  • Dealing with issues relating to post adoption support from the local authority, health authority or education department
  • Situations where an adoption placement has not worked

Next Steps

If you would like to talk to us regarding an adoption matter or if you have any further queries, please contact rhw:  

email:  call: 01483 302000 

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