Divorce: situations where rhw can help

At rhw we always like to stress the unique nature of every one of our client’s situation when it comes to advising on their personal affairs. Family law is very different to most areas of law in that there are intensely personal sensitivities involved. There are also interactions with other individuals who often have their own emotional involvement with our client’s concerns. It’s always more than simple dry legal advice rhw provide and we never forget that.

Some (but most definitely not all) of the areas we have helped clients resolve problems with in the past include:

  • Complicated attempts to disguise assets (as diverse as businesses, cars, artwork or even consumables!) by moving them overseas or transferring them into the name of other individuals not directly involved with the divorce itself.
  • Attempts to transfer assets and money across borders or through various complex financial vehicles to try and disguise the true worth of individuals from the Courts.
  • Situations where parties have argued over when assets were acquired (pre or post marriage) to try and keep them separate from any settlement agreement.
  • When money has been invested into third party business operations.
  • Complications involving pension funds and overseas property.
  • Where there are children living in the matrimonial home.
  • Accusations of sexual misconduct.
  • Allegations of fraudulent or other criminal activity.

Client confidentiality is absolutely core to everything we do in the Family Law team. The above list is just a top level description of some of the case types we have dealt with in the past. 

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Divorce: situations where rhw can help