Why do you need guidance and advice relating to the law relating to finance?

The law provides firm guidelines for the negotiations within Divorce proceedings. This helps the negotiations towards an acceptable financial deal between you and your partner.

How the Courts Work

Resolving the financial claims between parties and ensuring future financial security is often one of the most contentious and complex issues facing separation. The family team at rhw have a deep understanding of the issues that can arise when dealing with finances and have a wealth of experience in helping clients overcome the challenges facing that and obtaining the right result for them.

Where possible, the team at rhw can assist parties in coming to an agreement directly, whether through direct negotiations or by advising in the background. Once an agreement is reached, we will advise you on the process of lodging an agreement with the court, to ensure that it is enforceable.

If agreement is not possible, the family team at rhw, will be able to guide you through the court process to resolve financial claims. Our team is exceptionally skilled at achieving the best result for clients in litigation. However, we will always act in your best interests and will do all that is necessary to resolve the situation by agreement and negotiation.

If you would like to know more about the law relating to financial claims between married or civil partners or wish to have a discussion with a specialist solicitor, please contact rhw’s family team.

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