High Net Worth Divorce Matters

At rhw we often encounter relationship breakdown and divorce cases that involve considerable assets and business interests. We are very aware that these cases can often be extremely complex and on occasions, highly contentious. As well as the future personal prosperity and happiness of an individual, the future of an existing business can also be tied into the outcome of a divorce.

However complex the circumstances of your divorce or separation, rhw have the experience to help you reach the best resolution, as quickly as possible. We will talk you clearly through the process and make sure you are kept fully informed about what’s happening at each stage.

Disclosure of assets and wealth can often be an area that gets overlooked in family law cases, particularly where a party is attempting to represent themselves. This can become a matter of huge importance when the finances involved are considerable. We can help you if you believe your partner is not being honest about their finances and assets. Tax considerations are also a critical component of a high net worth divorce.

Elizabeth Leah is very experienced in dealing with high net worth and asset rich family law matters. If you would like an initial chat to understand how Elizabeth can help you:

Please call 01483 302000 or email guildford@rhw.co.uk

Alternatively, please take a look at the family law section of the website or see specifically our articles on divorce or pre-nuptial agreements.