Legal Fees

Learn more about the process for payment of services at rhw

rhw sometimes offer a standard fixed fee on some of our services, particularly for your first meeting (up to one hour), payable on the day. Please enquire or check our website for details. Thereafter you are charged at an hourly rate (please see more on fixed fee options further down). A written estimate is provided at the outset of your matter. If we believe the estimate will be exceeded or additional costs will arise these are flagged up with you in writing before being incurred.

We recognise that you do not want to run up significant legal fees and we provide honest and transparent costs estimates from the outset of your matter (please note that the accuracy of these estimates relies on the information provided by the client). In certain circumstances we can also offer fixed fee options. Please call to discuss on the number shown below.

We have full details of how we charge for probate services at Probate fees & expenses.

Details of Employment Law Tribunal fees and disbursements.

Legal fees - rhw Solicitors in Guildford, Surrey. rhw does not offer Legal Aid and if you believe you might be eligible you should contact the Legal Aid Agency on 0845 3454345 or visit the Legal Aid Agency website.

If you would like us to contact you, please complete a contact form or call us directly on 01483 302 000, email or complete our easy contact form.