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Your home is unique. Your requirements are unique! At rhw we understand that. We’re not a conveyancing ‘sausage machine’,  just ploughing though sales and purchases whilst ignoring what our clients tell us. We listen to you and we deliver what you want. Most people who understand this difference would use a solicitor to handle their conveyancing…..but some won’t, therefore taking a large risk with their home and future investment.

Buying or selling a home is often considered to be one of the most stressful experiences that a person can go through. It also very often represents the single largest investment that you will make during life, so choosing the right people to guide you through and advise you on the legal aspects of your residential property transaction is vital.

You want someone who will ask the vital questions at the right time and advise you of any potential problems in a timely manner. rhw will always protect your interests to the absolute best of our abilities.

rhw have a dedicated team of lawyers well versed in all aspects of the buying and selling process and we stand ready to advise and assist at any stage. Think hard before just going for the cheapest option on the market. Do you want a seasoned professional protecting your investment… or someone who wouldn’t know a Byway (BOAT) from a Footpath.

rhw’s conveyancing team are Catherine Shacklady and Laura Bentley assisted ably by Margaret McDonald.  Please click on their links to contact them directly or send an email to If you prefer, please call us on 01483 302000.

Why use rhw? Let our clients provide the answers:

“rhw are competent, sympathetic, friendly and effective…” – Mr David Jones

“As ever, a thoroughly expert professional and friendly service…”  – D & E Mottley

“We very much appreciate the professional advice and guidance you have given us…” – Mr R. North

“Our first impression on dealing with rhw was openness and honesty…” – Mr and Mrs McKenzie

“True professional service. You answered all the questions asked of you…” – Ken Mead

“Excellent. Very nice friendly people!” – Lilian Percy


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