Resolve Disputes | Get Peace of Mind | Move on with Your Life 

There will be times in our lives when we find ourselves in dispute. It could be with our employer, a neighbour or somebody that has provided you with a service of some description. Sometimes disputes can be in connection with something as major as the purchase of a new-build house, or as seemingly innocuous as an intrusive hedge. When positions become entrenched, then the dispute can start to have a wider effect on the quality of day to day life.

Here at rhw we are aware that these situations can be deeply upsetting and disruptive. Often the initial reaction is often to hope the problem resolves itself or ‘goes away’. Unfortunately this rarely occurs and the dispute continues to be a problem and carries on causing stress and upset. Facing the matter head on and bringing it to a conclusion is the way to get your life back. rhw can help with this.

Whatever the scenario (debts, property, land, corporate, employment, probate etc) there are legal mechanisms in place to bring these disputes to satisfactory conclusion and rhw solicitors have the knowledge and experience to deal with dispute resolution matters quickly, confidentially and effectively. rhw’s dispute resolution team comprises Darryn Harris and Daniel Crate ably assisted by Lisa-Ann Williams.

rhw will assess your matter swiftly and will give you an honest appraisal as to whether it is something we can help with. This allows us to understand your concerns from the outset and give you a rapid initial response. 

Need to contact rhw with respect to a dispute resolution matter? Please contact Lisa-Ann Williams initially.  Call 01483 302000 or email guildford@rhw.co.uk