At a local village fair this last weekend I witnessed something that I promised my wife I would write about as it just did not seem “fair” – highly ironic in terms of the venue.

A private stall owner had been approached by representatives of the local church (also stall holders but non-paying, it appeared). From a conversation with him, I understand that he was told that he was not “allowed” to sell his strawberries until the church’s stall had sold out. I am sure that one party were just thinking that this was a rational way to maximise their fund-raising but it’s an interesting example of what can occur in the wider market.

The example in question may not get the attention of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) but surely is as flagrant an example as you will find of an infringement of the basic concept of free and fair trade.

Not all examples are as obvious as this one but you should know the basics of your rights and how your business might either suffer at the hands of a rival or possibly come under the spotlight of the CMA or indeed a rival’s scrutiny.

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