Welcome to our rhw LAWyalty Card front page. LAWyalty Cards are given to established rhw clients who use our services on a regular basis or are regular referrers of new clients.

You can see an overview of the type of offers that our rhw LAWyalty Card holders can benefit from below.  If you have a card already or have been directed to this page by an rhw member of staff, click on the link below to:


By registering the LAWyalty Card you have been given you will have access to special offers from rhw and third parties that are unique to LAWyalty Card members.

We will be adding in NEW offers throughout the year as an extra reward for card holders who have registered.

If you are not sure how to proceed from this page or would like more information about the rhw ‘LAWyalty’ card, please email: chris.hunter@rhw.co.uk


  • An Amazon Fire Tablet

    We have many clients who come to rhw time and again for substantial and multiple legal instructions. For these clients we have introduced a number of rewards including claiming a Fire Tablet (or equivalent if the product changes) from rhw. Obviously there are certain criteria, so register your card to find out more!

  • Free Annual Business Health Check

    rhw Lawyalty card members are able to benefit from a free Annual Business Health Check. We look to flag up where our clients can benefit from introducing some changes, what they are doing well and what may need to be reviewed further. Register your card for more details.

  • Use of Meeting Rooms and Reimbursed Parking Charges

    Mutual business to business self help? We think it’s a good thing! We offer certain benefits to Lawyalty card members that seek to make their lives a little easier and their businesses more productive. Register your card to get more details on this and other offers.

  • Got an offer that other members might like?

    If you have a card and register it we are always happy to add a ‘special offer’, ‘discount’ or something extra you would like to promote to other Lawyalty card holders!