A change of  year provides fresh opportunities to deal with all those jobs that have been put off because they look a little daunting or remind us of things we don’t want to be reminded of!

Writing your Will or, if you already have one, reviewing the contents of the Will, definitely falls into the category of ‘one of those jobs’!  The more you put off writing a Will the longer you run the risk of accidentally dying intestate and your loved ones missing out on inheriting what you intended them to. Not reviewing your Will on a regular basis also risks either leaving your estate to the wrong individuals or ending up with a Will that is effectively meaningless in terms of addressing your affairs, as they stand, at the point you die.

No one can pretend it’s a fun task but it is an important one. If you would like some guidance on this matter please call rhw Solicitors and ask to speak to either Clive Barnard or Caroline Sturge.