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Associate Solicitor
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Pre-post nuptial agreements


Finance settlement


Children’s disputes

Serena is an Associate within our Family Department. She offers a holistic service to all clients seeking legal advice in matters relating to pre/post nuptial agreements, divorce, finance settlement, cohabitation, separation, non-molestation order, occupation order, and children’s disputes. She is sharp, knowledgeable and determined with a no-nonsense approach and where possible tries to seek an out of court settlement. The priority is listening to the client’s needs and objectives before working hard to achieve the best outcome which is right and fair for the client.

Serena is known for her pragmatic approach to situations and clients praise her attention to detail. On two separate occasions, she has successfully challenged the change of surnames of children despite case law not being in favour of the same.

As a young child, she was fascinated by courts, barristers and TV programmes about the law in general and this then inspired her to pursue her ambition and dream.

Serena enjoys being able to support her clients and as a lawyer, she has the opportunity to showcase all sides of her personality from the tough negotiator through to the sympathetic friend and confidante.


Ms W – Upon contacting Noble solicitors to represent me in my divorce, I was introduced to Shanni, who demonstrated very quickly her intelligence and compassion in such matters. We have spent 12 months working together, including child arrangements, and Shanni has never failed to provide high levels of advice and support. There has never been even a tiny detail that has been missed and I’ve never felt as if I was anything other than a valued client.

Ms C – Shanni is very helpful, kind and very understanding. Shanni always gives out advice that is very helpful. If there is anything you don’t understand Shanni will always try and help as much as she can either via a phone call or email. I couldn’t ask for a better solicitor, she will always go over and beyond to help me with my case.

Mr C – Thank you very much. It’s absolutely certain you are a petal from a beautiful flower. Thank you from the centre of my heart I definitely picked an outstanding Solicitor. Indebted to you thank you so much.

Mr E – I met Shanni for advice several months ago and I should have listened to her direction at that time as this would have avoided all the current complications of my case. Shanni has been brilliant in everything she did. I like her direct approach, she listens and provide balanced resolutions, taking in consideration the real environment and with the knowledge of what consequences to expect from different actions. It has been difficult to maintain a stable communication because of the extreme busy times we had. I am confident that she will lead me to a positive outcome of this case. I will definitely hire her again if I need an excellent Lawyer.

Counsel – I think you’re a great solicitor.

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