Modern causes of stress

There have been many things occurring to occupy minds and raise stress levels over the last few years. COVID-19 changed everything we took for normal in a very short period of time and until the development of the vaccines put many people in real jeopardy. The impact of isolation for months on end on many people is still being assessed and there is evidence of a huge mental health crisis caused by the pandemic that is slowly emerging into the light.

The scale of the problem

The pressures to adapt and adjust to ever changing demands in our work and private lives are now being exacerbated by events in Eastern Europe. It is very easy to feel overcome with what has been and is going on across the global stage. Events that we can’t change or influence but can affect our lives anyway are very dis-empowering. This can ratchet up personal stress and anxiety levels, sometimes to rather distracting levels.

What can you do?

This blog update is not about the wrongs or rights of events, there are many other forums out there to discuss those issues, but more about how to best deal with everything that is being thrown at us on an ongoing basis. Whether it is conflict, climate change, personal issues or pressures in work, we rediscover on a regular basis that we are human and react mentally and physically to events micro and macro. We all need to learn how to deal with these pressures as they seem to be an ongoing part of modern life.

You can learn to analyse your own emotions and detect and deal with the stuff which is destructive to your mental health. There are a lot of stress control courses and techniques that can be accessed online or in your local area. Have a look online. Many will be free or not expensive.
You can also help yourself recover some empowerment by supporting organisations who do work in areas dealing with mental health issues and who are also on the ground where people are directly affected by natural and man made disasters.
Here are a few links as a starting point:

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