Legal service providers live or die on the quality of what they deliver. According to the latest Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) research involving over 4,000 members of the public, nearly three-quarters chose a conveyancer on the basis of a recommendation from an acquaintance.

Those surveyed cited a firms’ reputation (42%) ahead of cost (32%) as the most important factors in choosing a provider. This was followed by location (26%) and a personal recommendation (22%).

Less than 6% of the public surveyed would base their decision on cost alone. At rhw we recognise the vital importance of delivering excellence on an ongoing basis. A large percentage of our instructions are made up of clients returning to us because they have been delighted with the previous results we have delivered for them.

We ask our clients for their feedback all the time. You will see testimonials dotted all over our website. As the SRA research initially focused on conveyancers you can see client feedback on our conveyancing pages here.

Listening to our clients and delivering what rhw do day in, day out. Quality of service is embedded into everything we do.

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