Disability Challengers has launched a new business club in Surrey to raise funds for children and young people with disabilities. As part of rhw’s corporate social responsibility programme the firm has joined this scheme.

The firm will provide £5,000 worth of pro-bono (free) legal services across a range of areas and are the exclusive sponsors of Disability Challengers in this way.

Fundraising manager for the charity, Mady Hatton, stated:

There’s a huge lack of play opportunities for disabled children, which stifles their development as they aren’t able to challenge their impairments through play

We’re the only charity to support 1,200 local disabled children per year by enabling them to access these essential play opportunities

Through Nick Richardson’s connections with BEST Business Group the firm became involved with the scheme. Nick, Member Partner of rhw, comments:

This is an exciting new venture for rhw. We at rhw already dedicate our own personal time to pro bono work, regularly advising at Guildford Citizens Advice Bureau and also for Surrey Law Centre and this adds to our current work in the community

We at rhw feel that we have a social responsibility to give a little back to society and sponsoring Disability Challengers in this way provides a perfect opportunity to achieve this.

For more information see the Disability Challengers website at https://disability-challengers.org/

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