A quick update from rhw’s Business Development Manager, Chris Hunter today. Did you start the year with good intentions and have already found them floundering on the rocks of habit? There are a few things you can do to, metaphorically, kick yourself up the backside.

If you find that what you are doing on a day to day basis is not producing good contacts or results, stop doing the same things week in week out. What can you swiftly and practically do at the micro level to affect who you are interacting with on the macro front?:

  1. Change your website front page. It doesn’t have to be a wholesale change but just refresh some of the text. Google likes change. Look at your drop-down menus. Google ranks menus from left to right in terms of importance, so see how you list your services. Add a video or two as well. They don’t have to be Hollywood in terms of professionalism. Video just ups your visibility. People like it as a format.
  2. Reset your bookmarks. Always going to the same web pages? See what else is new out there. Follow someone different on twitter. Basically, you just need to review your social media followers and who you are following.
  3. On the subject of social media, get yourself on a new social media platform. Don’t ignore Snapchat and Pinterest. See how they can be used. In some age groups they have huge penetration. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose!
  4. Got a Blog? Invite some guest bloggers on and ask to guest on their pages. Not got a Blog? Start one.
  5. Have a look at what your networking groups are actually doing for you. If you’ve been attending for 6 months and nothing is coming from it:
    1. speak to others in the group and see how they make it work for them and
    2. if you REALLY think you are in a group with people who will never use your services, change your group(s).

These are 5 quick wins to change your direction and get you out of a rut!

Need some more advice? email: chris.hunter@rhw.co.uk or call: 01483 302000