Chasing a Debt? Pre-Action Protocols you need to know….

Debt Recovery under the new Pre-Action Protocol for debt claims With wage increases not keeping up with inflation is it any surprise that more and more creditors are having to chase debtors for payment of their overdue debts and it seems that many of my small business clients are unaware of the new Protocol and […]

Will it take longer to collect a debt after Oct 1st?

New Pre-Action Protocol for debt claims On 1st October 2017 a new Pre-Action Protocol (“Protocol”) for debt claims will come into effect. The protocol will apply to all debts where the creditor is a business and seeks to recover a debt from an individual, including a sole trader. It will also apply where a creditor […]

Commercial Debt Recovery – Cashflow in Volatile Times

Optimising cash flow for your business in these politically volatile times This is not another party political broadcast. Due to other commitments, we have not had the time to form the rhw party in this election cycle, but who knows what may lay ahead for 2022…? On a serious note, regardless of your political ideology, […]