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Maintaining the health of your employees, customers, clients, family and visitors is paramount in these testing times. A clean and safe environment is one less thing to think about.

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rhw solicitors are a Legal 500 leading firm 2020


Fogging is by far the quickest and most effective way to sanitise and cause the least amount of disruption. Our machines use the latest technology for the highest level of decontamination. This solution is ideal for sites that are still in operation and need regular cleaning. In comparison to our other cleans, the process takes hours rather than days, and the area is ready to use within an hour of completion. The fogging technique has immediate results and, once treated, the area will be decontaminated.

Benefits of Fogging

  • Eliminating the need to increase cleaning personnel.
  • Reduces all in-house cleaning related costs.
  • Increasing customer footfall.
  • Fast with little disruption.
  • Decreasing Coronavirus transmission.

Safety Partitionings

All frames are produced in the UK using premium grade materials. Available in 150 RAL colours.

Glass panels are thermally stress treated to strengthen and ensure maximum safety.

The partitions can be used for:

  • Reception desks
  • Coffee stations
  • Seating areas
  • Changing rooms
  • Gym equipment dividers

Screens can be custom made to any size


We can supply the full range of STERI-7 products. This innovative product uses a unique, intelligent reactive barrier technology.

  • STERI-7 is a disinfectant and clearning solution in one product
  • 7th generation Liquid Micro Emulsion Polymeric Matrix disinfectant cleaner
  • Reactive barrier technology protection between cleans
  • One stage process
  • Ease of use
  • Non alcohol
  • Non corrosive
  • Multi surface treatment
  • Perfect balance between safety and efficacy
  • Broad spectrum
  • Tested and proven in the real world
  • Rapid kill rate up to 99.999% In seconds
  • BPR compliant

All STERI-7 disinfectants, including hand disinfectants, have been tested and protect against Coronavirus.

Sanitiser stations

The Standard Sanitiser Station is designed to be used in areas where there is a high volume of traffic, including main walkways, entrances to stairwells, toilets and lifts. Spaced at prominent points through your store or office, the station provides regular opportunity for customers and staff to clean their hands, helping to reduce the spread of infection.

Hygiene Pods

Smart mobile temperature disinfection channel ensuring everyone can be tested and sanitised on entry to your building.

Social Distancing Branding

We have developed a suite of products to highlight health and hygiene practices in office, retail and industrial environments.

This includes vital social distancing tools such as floor stickers, banners and a range of health advice signage posters, strut cards and flyers

Information Roller Banners

Social Distance Floor Stickers

Social Distance Banners

Strut Cards

Health & Hygiene Signs

Health Advice Posters