There are a number of stories on the news websites and in the papers today. Experts are talking about how the next few weeks will be the toughest challenge for individuals and business as COVID cases continue to rise and lockdown measures threaten to get even tougher. It can all look a bit grim, particularly in the post Christmas gloom of dark mornings and early evenings.

However, lockdown does give an unprecedented opportunity to assess those ‘plans’ and ‘projects’ you have been thinking about for what seems like forever and never have the time to do anything about! Well, now you do. You can’t change the chances of getting a holiday or getting to see other family members and friends at the moment, but you can get those business and personal projects moving forward. This is the dark before the dawn. Keep safe but use this time wisely.

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rhw solicitors Guildford Use this time positively because, perhaps sooner than we think, the new dawn will be here, the days will be longer and your diary will be filling up again.

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