The recent case of ‘the guiding hand’ demonstrates once again, the advantages of using an experienced legal adviser when getting a Will and Lasting Power(s) of Attorney put in place to avoid costly probate disputes or abuse by third parties. We not only advise it for high-net-worth individuals but for all and everyone.

Basically, documents should always be completed and witnessed properly (especially Wills) and overseen by a Solicitor. The costs of a Will completed and overseen by a Solicitor will be much cheaper than litigation caused by an attempt to cut costs and take short-cuts by either a DIY approach or going straight to the cheapest option on the market.

It is also much more difficult for someone to take control and exert influence, as the carer did in this case (not the one in the photo!), if a Lasting Power of Attorney for Property & Financial Affairs is in place. This document identifies the individuals who will look after a person’s assets and financial affairs if mental capacity is lost. Unfortunately this is often not put in place at the same time as a Will is drawn up. Please have a read of the article to fully understand the implications of not protecting your interests properly.

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